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Wood Table

Together with wood table collections, your living spaces give you unique looks. It creates the most different styles, from the coating to the material used together with their designs. Gangza Home appeals to a broad audience of users with handmade models in their choice of tables made of wood. Table models from Gangza Home wood color each home design. Whether you choose tables from wood designed using epoxy material, there are models designed with solid wood color. Customizable color and table foot selections on all models can reflect your style.

Rich posture is always at the forefront in wooden table models. Those looking for naturalness and simplicity can choose tables from solid-type wood, all designed from wood material. In addition, these tables can be used as dining or worktables. It is easy to find a table for every use and every taste. Table selections can be made according to your liking, and you can bring the harmony of wood material with metal legs to your living spaces. You can choose wood table models from Gangza Home to give naturalness to your rooms. Choices designed with epoxy materials can be made with unusual looks. The combination of wood and epoxy material on tables covered with epoxy material reveals unusual visuality in a modern form.

Types of tables made of natural-looking wood

The wood table is designed for those who love naturalness. Wooden table types with softened edges can be created in different sizes in each area of use. Designed by hand craftsmanship of any height and height, Gangza Home exposes your style with wood table selections. The material used gives years of experience thanks to its first-class durability. Convenience and modern appearance meet your expectations with its highly robust structure against heat and cold during use. Whether home or office, table selections can be made from wood.

Comfort in the types of wooden table is highly ergonomic. Since comfort is prioritized during use, table models made of wood are safely used, which will accompany your pleasant conversations with loved ones. Its edges are softened and never cause discomfort. Unique advantages on all table models are made for comfortable use by all users.

Wooden Table with Metal Legs

A wood table provides the most modern design with metal legs selections. The metal legs used can be preferred in different colors. With Gangza Home, you can make use of metal or wooden feet. In all types of foot designs, your style is revealed along with its rigidity. Metal legs can be used if your home has a more modern mood. If you favor naturalness, you can also opt for wooden table legs. Choosing any legs in the types of wood table is up to your preference.

Foot designs never cause inconvenience when using wooden table. As the area of use increases, the shape of foot designs may vary accordingly. But no matter how large the table, foot models according to the type of use add an incredibly modern feel. Some choices will offer the appearance of tree branches on metal legs. You can find the opposite in models consisting of geometric lines. Options can be made, whether it's all-natural looking or combining a natural and modern look.

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