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How to Make Epoxy Resin Table

How to Make Epoxy Resin Table

Epoxy resin table is among the products that come across as the fashion of recent times. That is why epoxy resin table construction also attracts much attention. These tables are formed by carving and shaping wood from particular trees and filling them with epoxy material, providing an aesthetic appearance.

People who want to provide this aesthetic image with their designs have many questions, such as how to make an epoxy resin table and use and explore materials.

Of course, the aesthetic appeal of these tables is not the sole factor taken into consideration when giving preference to them. The fact that it is not only practical and long-lasting but also well-suited for use in both the home and the workplace also plays a significant part in the selection process. As a result of the high quality and uniform structure of the wood used in the construction of these tables, they also have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Because of this, they become an increasingly desirable option.

Step-by-Step Making Epoxy Resin Table

  • To start epoxy resin table construction, the shape to be drawn must first be designed. Although stream models are standard among the designs, you can give epoxy resin tables a different perspective by making your originality talk. The selected shape should be drawn on the wood and carved with a hand-milling cutter to form pits. The pits should be half the size of the wood so that the poured epoxy material does not cause overflow.
  • If you do not want to have situations such as overflow or contamination, you can choose a plastic material during the pouring of the material. You can remove these plastics after the process by placing these plastic parts in the edge parts of the pits. Since epoxy materials do not stick to plastic, this will provide ease of use during the process.
  • During the pouring of epoxy material, the layer-by-layer must be progressed. After pouring the first layer, you should pour the second and third layers, removing the air bubbles formed. Then a waiting period of one day should be given to dry.
  • After the drying time and sanding and varnishing process, the epoxy resin table is ready for use.

Beautiful table-making with epoxy resin results depends on your dexterity and original designs. So feel free to add your dream patterns to your design.

Tools Necessary for Epoxy Resin Table Making

For epoxy resin table construction, several essential tools are needed. When we look at these, the most crucial factor is the type of wood used. The wood to be used must have a smooth structure. Another essential material for this table construction is epoxy resin and hardening varnish.

Hand milling required for engraving and the pen used during drawing is among the essential tools. In addition to them, you can also need tools such as a hammer, sandpaper, and screwdriver to fix wood.

Epoxy resin table is a suitable adhesive for gluing selected accessories for the table and is also placed among the essential tools.

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