180 x 90 cm ( 70 ' x 35 ' ) Chestnut Wood Epoxy River Table Top | Ready to Ship

Chestnut Wood Epoxy Table Top is suitable for 6 people and ready to ship.

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  • The story begins every year in the Winter session, The process of turning into a Log to a timber takes 10-12 months. Within these 10 – 12 Months, after the logs turned into timbers, Timbers are taken into the Steam Ovens for 4 days and then the timbers have been kept outside for about 6-7 months to see rain, snow, and sun. After the long wait outside, the timber enters the drying oven, the purpose of which is to reduce the moisture content of the trees to 8%. This process takes about 30-45 days. When the timber comes out of the drying oven, they come into contact with the moisture in the air.


  • Humidity should be around 12-14% during this period after the timber comes out of the drying oven. All Timbers have been kept outside for about 3-5 weeks to reach the ideal humidity.


  • The ideal humidity for timber is 12%. The final stage is Planner and Thickening. The planner is the process of smoothing the surface of the tree. Thickness is the reduction of the timber to 8 cm thickness.


To summarize: Hundreds of people have worked for one point: Making Valuable things from wood for you. Wood Tables are our storytellers who wide this story to the world.


⚙️ Personalization is available for;


🎨 Epoxy Color


📏 Height


📐 Corner and Sides


🌴 Wood Type




STEP I Approval Phase: After the customer places his order, we send him a raw wood picture which we will use for his table. If the customer likes the wood we sent, we move to step 2. Otherwise, we change the wood.


STEP II EPOXY POURING: After we clean and prepare a mould for the wood. We pour the epoxy colour that customers demand.


STEP III SANDPAPER & PASTA & POLISH: After drying the epoxy on the wood, we need to process your table with Sandpaper & Pasta, and Polish to make your table perfect. Sandpapers are used to get a smooth surface by removing surface roughness. The purpose of paste polish applications is to remove traces, stains, and roughnesses that are too small to be seen on the table surfaces and to polish the surface.


STEP IV OILING: The last stage is the oiling process of your table. We use natural oils to add shine and depth to your table and to prevent the wood from cracking.


📝Material Information;


Length: 200 Cm ( 70 Inches )


Width: 180 Cm ( 35 Inches )


Height: 75 Cm ( 30 Inches )


Thickness: 5 Cm


Material: Chestnut Wood




Your table will arrive in approximately 15 days. Yet, it is time we need to produce and pack it. The production process is 3-4 Weeks for Every Table. We are using three layers of protection and a wooden box for your table. Bubble Wraps – Mattress and corner protector for the table. All the tables have insurance for any damages in delivery.




It is stain-resistant, does not clean with chemicals, and protects it from direct sunlight and direct contact with heat. Also, wipe your table with a damp cloth.


The screw locations of the table legs are pre-drilled for you and marked with a marker.


NOTES: - As a consequence of the natural shape of the wood, each piece of wood has its particular structure. That means every table is exclusive on earth.

- Shipping costs change according to your address. Please message us before your place your order.

-  Price is inclusive of Standard Leg Models. Contact us for Custom Request Leg Models

- Everything will be made on your demand. Your approval is fundamental to the order.

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